31 Aug

Qweaser Suspended

We at Shrex would like to inform you, our dear users and friends, that we have temporarily suspended the services of Qweaser. We ran our tests and various versions of the platform and we are happy to say that we received great response from you guys. Here’s the official statement from our Chief Executive Officer, Shreyash Mishra,

“We released various version Qweaser in the past few months and I am really grateful to everyone who joined and participated in our network. Qweaser received lots of love and appreciation from those who are passionate about movies and TV. However, we would like to make our services better and we cannot do it if we follow the current framework. Hence, we have temporarily suspended Qweaser. It is with great regret that I tell you this but for us, it is for the greater good. We are working on various other platforms for you to be a part of our family and keep the interaction on. I would like to assure all our members that Qweaser will be back and this time it will be far better, stronger and nevertheless more Entertaining. We care about you and we want to deliver the best. Until then, I hope you will bear with us.”

Sorry for the inconvenience, folks. We will be back real soon!

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It is all by Shrex and all for you. Make the most of it.


Have a Great Time!

Team Shrex.

20 May

Qweaser Debuts on Play Store: Claims an Entertainment Revolution

Mumbai: Shrex Technologies Inc., the parent company of Qweaser – an entertainment social network, launched its app for android devices today on the Google Play Store. Qweaser (qweaser.com) is a social network aimed at people who live and die for Movies and TV Shows. A platform where users can get along together and talk about their favorite movies and shows. With growing trends in on-demand streaming services and increase in number of users who surf the internet for information about their entertainment interests, there is a massive unorganized flow of content.

A recent study showed that out of all the advertisements and posts on Facebook, put up by the entertainment industry, a click-through rate of ~0.5% and page-like rate of ~0.030% is achieved. These numbers simply indicate that the content gets lost like a needle in a haystack of zillion bytes of data that FB and other social sites handle.

While it gets difficult for content makers to reach out to their audience, it also gets difficult for users to interact with other people who love the same movies and shows as they do. There is growing annoyance amongst users and content makers leading to a hunt for new content delivery and consumption techniques.

“It is our goal to connect people who desperately want to talk about their favorite entertainment stuff, not just to their friends but with people around the world. We are building a simplified and focused platform to aid efficient delivery of content and to increase social interaction”, said Shreyash Mishra, Co-founder and CEO of Shrex Tech.

The new platform offers a different kind of social experience designed to get users into a new entertainment lifestyle. With Qweaser, Shrex Tech sets out to design a mobile experience that would bring the things people care about the most right into one platform. Launching the app is the first step and as claimed by the makers, there is a lot more innovation in line to come.

Some Useful Links:

App Available at: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.shrextech.qweaser

App Promo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzdIzFa4gUI

18 May

Knowing Qweaser…

Qweaser, the world’s first social network for movie, TV, and celebrity followers. Talk to people who love the same movies and shows as you. Watch trailers, read critic and user reviews. Explore popular movies and TV shows, entertainment news, and the latest awards and events. Track and rate movies and TV shows you’ve seen.

Qweaserians can:
• Tell the world what’s happening in your entertainment life
• Ask and Answer questions about Movies and TV
• Talk to people who love the same things as you just on qweaser
• Show the world, what your entertainment portfolio consists of

• Meet more than 3 million movies, episodes and events and 5 million people who make it
• Read breaking entertainment news exclusively on qweaser
• Browse quotes and trivia
• Get complete event coverage, including the Oscars and Golden Globe Awards
• Check out now playing, the top-rated and most popular movies and TV shows, celebrities and more

• Watch the latest trailers and videos for movie and TV shows
• Read user & critic reviews, fan theories and check out images
• Read Journal posts by your favorite entertainment journalists and media houses.
• Check movie and TV ratings
• Discover unheard movie titles available to watch

Sign in to:

• Talk to people
• Add movies and TV shows to your following list
• Rate what you’ve seen
• and much more….

It just doesn’t end here, there’s a lot more coming up. Qweaser is growing and we are working hard to make sure you are never bored.
It’s not just a Social Network, it’s an ENTERTAINMENT REVOLUTION.

17 May

Welcome to Qweaser Newsroom


Qweaser is a social network for movies and tv show lovers. We are continuously  working to improve the user experience and make them love movies/shows even more. We will be putting Press Releases here on Newsroom. Stay tuned and sign up to receive notifications.

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